Aim & Objects




 Aims and objectives are following as under:-

1. To develop a healthy attitude among students towards work and life.

2. To enhance individual employability.

3. To reduce the mismatch between the demand and supply of skill man-power.

4. To provide an alternative for those intending to pursue higher education without particular    

     interest or purpose.

5. To prepare students for identified vocations spanning several area of activity.

6. An emphasis in vocational education will also be on development of attitudes, knowledge, and

     skills for entrepreneurship and self-employment.

7. To provide opportunities to fulfill the needs of women, rural and tribal students and the deprived

     sections of society.

8. To give opportunities for professional growth, career improvement and lateral entry into courses of general, technical and       

    professional education through appropriate bridge courses.

9. To increase the productive potential of the man power.

10. To raise the economic standard of people.

11. To reduce the level of unemployment by providing self- employment schemes.

12. To utilize man-power to fullest extent.

13. To make the students skilled technician.

14. To help for equitable sharing of benefits of economic development to ensure social and economic justice.

15. To help students understand the scientific and technological aspects of contemporary civilization.

16. To make use of material and human resources.

17. To exploit the scientific and skill knowledge for betterment of the society.

18. To generate in pupils a love and appreciation for work.


Now-a-days, skill education has got due impetus due to the development of science and technology. So planning and implementation of the programme will certainly help in controlling and solving the problem of educated unemployment of the society Internationally .






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