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International qualifications gives emphasis on informal education and fast track learning

Our purpose is to enable people for industry & work Integrated education, Research and Training programme to unlock their potential and develop the knowledge and skills needed for personal , economic and Industry growth through informal education and fast track learning. We do this by developing platforms for Skill Acquisition and Enhancement through Infrastructure Development, Relevant Qualifications that are Recognized and Respected by Employers all over the world, Facilitating Professional & Vocational Education through Academies, Institutes, school & colleges. We also pioneer the most up-to-date delivery of quality education, and further the skills projects and activities in the worldwide through profile raising, partnerships and innovative skills projects.



The Mission is to facilitate a Skilled Economy by Developing Skilled Man Power with Diversity and Innovation, Improved Learning Out Comes and Responsible Business Practises through informal education and fast track learning for raising literacy levels, The operation includes the various Skill Development Projects, Professional and Vocational Education Activities, International Schools and Colleges, Professional and Corporate Training, Consulting and finally on Research. 

we offers numerous Vocational and Professional Education Qualifications, Certifications, Diplomas, Test Programs on various segments for catering the demand of all the age groups through informal education and fast track learning. It works with Professional Organisations and Bodies in order to bridge the skill gap in the Economy. we works on various professional qualifications on Business and Finance, Information Technology, Science & Engineering, Media and Entertainment in association with reputed professional organisations, awarding bodies and Universities. The qualification ranges starts from basic Certifications, Diplomas, Advanced and Professional Diplomas, Undergraduate and Post Graduate Qualifications and other Professional Qualifications. we develop Vocational Qualifications across a variety of sectors that meet the needs of today’s workplace, and help individuals develop their talents and abilities for future career progression. our Qualifications are widely recognised and respected by employers. we believe learning has no limits – we can provide learners with the skills they need to succeed in the world of work and provide employers with the talented employees they need to boost their long – term profitability and growth. we offers their Professional and Vocational Programs either directly through its centres/schools/colleges or in association with their partners like corporate, colleges , universities or other professional and vocational education players. we also develops various Assessment Tests and its Preparatory Programs to assess the knowledge level of aspirants in professional and vocational education segments.

 The IQ has a large suite of Training Contents and Associations under various segments and it offers Customized Training Programs to several Corporate Entities, Schools, Colleges, and other Organisations. we facilitates both professional and Vocational Training & training services provides a variety of training solutions through a team of professionals with experience in various segments. We develops customized training and deployment as per client’s specifications. we also provides trainers to deliver the content developed by the clients. we assists clients in identification of training needs and training calendar and also develops tests to determine the training effectiveness. we develops accreditation programs to use as a quality assurance tool and e-learning materials which supports the various training needs.

 The IQ is continually developing new qualifications to equip young people and adults with skills for sustainable employment, and to ensure the employers have the right skills for their businesses to succeed in the global economy. we conducts research on general trends and needs on professional and vocational education and develops qualifications to satisfy the requirements. we works with a number of organisations and companies to produce the qualifications, that catering the current demand on various segments. we also develops the knowledge platforms as well as various assessment tests and its preparatory programs in professional and vocational education segments.

 The IQ consultancy services find innovative solutions to deliver sustainable change in Professional and Vocational Education. The Consultancy support of council includes the bid writing by consistently successful writers to help access alternative funding, localised feasibility studies, advice on collaborations, new models of partnerships and mergers, travel to learn mapping and market share analysis, labour market analysis for educational cases, curriculum analyses and reviews, inspector level support with quality improvement , self assessment and validation, institution media consultancy, brand promotion as well as marketing consultancy, risk management support, short term/emergency interim management projects and finally on buy side and sell side advisory.


The IQ is focusing on skill development projects by developing platforms for Skill Acquisition and Skill Enhancement through informal education and fast track learning. Skill Development Projects consists of basic and sophisticated infrastructure creation for skill development projects, Development of Relevant Qualifications that are respected and recognised by the Employers. We are at a critical moment for skill development. Against a period of prolonged global economic uncertainty, the traditional routes to learning, employment and career progression need to be challenged. Using our industry links and network of educational specialists , we regularly contributes to and leads the debate around matters relating to skill development. The council engage directly with policy makers and regulators to represent the best interest of the industry. For this reason, we keep abreast of changes in skills policy and assess the potential for impact on our customers. Keeping Skill Development in mind, the council will play key roles like providing equity financing and enabling support services such as curriculum, faculty and their training, standards and quality assurance , technology platforms for innovative skill development initiatives. The Council will identify critical skill groups, develops models for skill development and also attract potential private players and provide support to these efforts. The Council works with the Corporate, Education Institutions, Colleges, Schools, Universities, Non Government /Not for Profit Organisations, Government Departments for Skill various Skill Development Projects.


Our employees come from a variety of industries and backgrounds, not just education. What attracts people to our informal education and fast track learning. International qualifications defines  work environment is passion for education , a commitment to results and an overriding dedication to our students and clients. As part of our team , you can be involved in initiatives that help people better their lives through education. Council’s entrepreneurial spirit infuses everything we do. The IQ is committed to fostering a culture of learning. A highly-skilled and effective team of employees, as well as an ability to attract and develop new talent, is critical to our success and future growth. From our performance evaluation process to our professional development opportunities, we help our employees build and refine the skills they need to take themselves – and IQ – to the next level of excellence.

We may hire you for your specific skills or expertise, but it doesn’t end there. We will also help you build on your abilities through informal education and fast track learning so that you can continue to expand your horizons and explore your potential. We believe that learning new skills and developing in your role can be so much more than simply taking a course. We recognise that you can learn as much on the job with support from your colleagues. The IQ is for people who like to win. We encourage employees to push themselves to new heights and fully leverage their talents.

The IQ aims informal education and fast track learning to keep diversity and innovation at the heart of what we do. Our commitment to diversity and innovation ensures that we are recognised within our industries as an employer of choice, with a firm focus and dedication to equality and inclusiveness. Diversity inspires innovation and growth in the council community. Not only we value our employees for their professionalism and skills , but also for the unique viewpoint they bring to our organisation. We realise that our employees’ unique perspectives, ideas and backgrounds give us a competitive edge in anticipating and exceeding our  clients’ needs in today’s global market.

 We can think many reasons to get excited about the opportunities . Here are just a few; We aim to be the best for informal education and fast track learning in the educational world – it’s a part of our philosophy to provide benefits, development opportunities and a culture that beats anywhere else. IQ value its employees for what they bring to the organisation and we try to be flexible in meeting their needs. we lead the way in quality, innovation and profitability and we want our people to share the success. We think that our role is to help people reach their potential. In return, we expect our people to show a high level of personal motivation and commitment, as well as a willingness to take responsibility and pride in their work – whatever the work is.


    Our unrivalled performance in skill development and flexible approach to working with businesses makes,  the ideal partner for up skilling the man power through informal education and fast track learning. We support our clients with all aspects of skills development and training, from frontline to boardroom. We acknowledge that skill development is a basic social responsibility and more over it is the necessity of the society.

Through informal education and fast track learning our aim to make a difference to raising literacy levels around the world, helping people to learn to read and to enjoy reading. We run projects and campaigns, often in partnership with International Skill Development Through our products, services and partnerships; we aim to make a measurable difference to learning outcomes for students, educators and to education systems. we ensure that its own education programs are developed and assesses for quality, efficacy , that encourage reading or promote literacy. Through our products, services and partnerships, we aim to make a measurable difference to learning outcomes for students, educators and to education systems. we ensure that its own education programs are developed and assesses for quality, efficacy and usability , Skilled Manpower ,Raising Literacy Levels, Improving Learning Out Comes. In addition, we adopt a broad and holistic definition of ‘responsible business’ , capturing priorities relevant to our stake holders that we share in common with other industries and individual companies.


Since the starting of international qualifications informal education and fast track learning we have put in place our commitments and ways to monitor our performance against the principles on Labour Standards, Human Rights , Environmental Policy educational society.etc and report annually on our progress. Some of the Global Compact Principles concern the environment and are covered by our environmental policy. One principle relates to anti-corruption and our Code of Conduct describes the standards that we set ourselves in that area. Other refer to labour standards and human rights.



1. Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)

2. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

3. Experience Prior Learning (EPL)

4. Fast Track Learning (FTL)

5. Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

6. Industry Integrated Learning (IIL)

7. Distance Blended Learning (DBL)

  The learning achieved in a different fields is reviewed and assessed by The IQ, and a Credit Value be assigned to it.


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