Fast Track Learning

International qualifications emphasis to provide fast track learning

Meaning of Fast Track Learining

Fast Track is an informal way of learning  and it means that "the quickest and most direct route to achievement of a goal, as in competing for professional advancement. Fast track learning also saves the time for the learner to achieve their goals

Benefits of fast-track learning

A fast-track course gives you the same qualifications as a ‘regular’ course. The difference is that fast-track courses are specifically designed for the adult learner who already has business or industry experience.

Workshops are designed to extend participants into areas they know less about. This makes the course more time efficient. Assessment is also based on the workplace. For example, if you chose the unit Undertake Project Work, you will learn new techniques in project management and then apply them to a project at your work. The objective is for you to produce a document that allows us to assess you, but that also is useful and relevant for your role at work.

Instructors are chosen for their industry experience and encourage participants to share their experience so the group benefits from each other’s experiences.

Benefits of fast-track study

  • Make the most efficient use of your time. Workshops typically take place one to two days per month. You could complete your qualification in as little as in weeks / months.
  • Learn from your classmates and make valuable industry connections. You’ll find your fellow students come from a variety of industries and roles.
  • Discuss current business topics relevant to your course.  instructor will encourage topical discussion and also has valuable industry experience to relate.
  • Gain immediate and real business benefit by applying what you learn in your workplace.

Benefits of fast track learning

We offers courses that are exclusively or partly delivered informal ,distance, RPL, online (blending learning).

You’ll benefit from online learning if you:

  • like to work at your own pace
  • enjoy learning on your own
  • need a flexible arrangement due to travel requirements or irregular working hours
  • are self-disciplined and very motivated to learn.

You’ll struggle with online learning if you:

  • are time poor — if you're too busy to attend classes you’ll be too busy and tired to learn online
  • have trouble structuring your own time and sticking to your own deadlines
  • are undertaking a subject that benefits from class discussion and peer-to-peer networking.

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