Pre Natal Care


    LEVEL - 2


    Minimum Qualification required: 10th pass ,12th PASS , GCE Level-A or Its Equivalent 




Course Description

Pregnancy is a common enough occurrence.  It happens all the time.  Until it happens to you or someone you love for the very first time.  Then, the questions mount and without answers your fears may begin to get the better of you.  By looking into the entire process of pregnancy, the kind of care you can select, evaluating the choices you can make will take away the fear and anxiety of this very beautiful condition. 


Prenatal Care will give you advice, information about the conditions you can expect to face as you journey through your pregnancy, and just what your baby is doing each week.  This course will also let you know what to expect in terms of prenatal testing to assure the health of your baby.  It will also talk about the importance of nutrition, vitamins, hydration, and rest.


 Learning what could be dangerous to you and your growing baby will help you to make choices at work and at home that will ensure the safety of both of you. How you take care of yourself during your pregnancy will have a major influence on how healthy you and the baby are after delivery. The beauty of preparing yourself for the labor and delivery portion of this journey is that you will have so many more choices than the mothers who just wait for things to happen.

Course Topics


Lesson 1: Preparing for Pregnancy

            A.        Before Pregnancy

                        1. How to give your baby the best

                        2. Lifestyle changes

            B.        Nutrition

            C.        Exercise

            D.        Medications

            E.        Work issues

            F.         Age as an issue

Lesson 2: Pregnancy and You

            A.        Emotions

            B.        Food and Rest

            C.        Relationship with Prenatal Caregiver

            D.        Empowering yourself

                        1.         The importance of educating yourself

                        2.         Knowing what is best for you.

Lesson 3: Preparing for Delivery

            A.        Hospitals

                        1.         Doctors

                        2.         Midwives

            B.        Home Delivery

            C.        Insurance coverage

                        1.         What might not be covered.

                        2.         Where to look if you have no insurance coverage.

            D.        Pain Issues

Lesson 4: Things that Can Affect You During Pregnancy

A.  Emotional Stress

B.  Physical Stress

            1.         Exercise

            2.         Trauma

            3.         Work

            4.         Heat

            5.         Cats

            6.         Others

Lesson 5: Medications and Health During Pregnancy

A.  Common Meds

            1.         Pain relievers

            2.         Antacids

            3.         Allergy

            4.         Cold meds

            5.         Laxatives, etc.

B.  Vaccinations

C.  Vitamins

            1.         Folic Acid

            2.         Calcium

            3.         Iron

D.  Herbals

Lesson 6: Prenatal Tests and Analysis Methods

A.  Genetic Testing

            1.         Family History

B.  TMS – Triple Marker Screening

C.  Amniocentesis

D.  Ultrasound

Lesson 7: First Trimester

A.  Common Conditions

B.  Fetal Growth and Development

C.  Morning Sickness

D.  Mood Swings

E.  Fatigue

F.   Food Aversions

G.  Food Cravings

Lesson 8: Second Trimester

            A. Common Conditions

            B. Fetal Growth and Development

            C. Sugar Imbalance

            D. Hemorrhoids

            E. Varicose Veins

Lesson 9: Third Trimester

            A. Common Conditions

            B. Fetal Growth and Development

            C. Lack of Appetite

            D. Swelling and edema

            E. Fatigue and shortness of breath

            F. Indigestion and heartburn

            G. Increased blood pressure

            H. Urinary tract infections

Lesson 10: Self-care during pregnancy

            A. Relieving the discomforts of pregnancy

            B. Massage

            C. External pollution

            D. Sex

Lesson 11: Giving Birth

A. Childbirth education classes

B. Birth plans

C. Packing for labor

D. Episiotomy

E. Impact of Labor

F. Birth - A New Beginning

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